4 Key Features of Wooden Puzzles for Preschoolers

4 Key Features of Wooden Puzzles for Preschoolers

Unlike the rest of the puzzles, preschooler wood puzzles are slightly more advanced and a bit challenging to solve. At this stage, kids are grown and about to go to school and thus the name of puzzles. These boards are especially designed for kids that are about to start schooling, and that’s the reason why the content should be a little bit different from other boards.

If you are buying wooden puzzles for preschoolers, what are the key attributes you should look out for? Well, various features make a good preschooler puzzle. In this short write-up, we are going to look at some of the cardinal features of wooden puzzles for preschoolers. Check out the following features:

Educational Content

At this stage when the kid is almost about to join the school, they are done with cars, pets and other images used for the toddlers. This is the period when they should be introduced into the sphere of education. That is done by introducing some of the things they will meet in school. The most common educational content they should be introduced to includes shapes, alphabets, and numbers’ images as they progress. However, shapes are recommended for starters. As they get a better understanding, they can then be introduced to letters and alphabets gradually. Lastly, they should know how to write their name.

Measured Complexity

While the kids are old enough to join the school, their brain is already developed, and they can solve tougher puzzles. Therefore, the kind of wooden puzzles for preschoolers you pick should tease their brain to the maximum depending on the level they are in. Make sure that the level of complexity that comes with the puzzles is measured but one that evokes the kid to think harder. That way, you will be able to enhance their Intelligence Quotient.


Kids are just kids no matter how big they may look. Even if they are about to join the school, they still want to have fun solving the puzzle. Otherwise, will get bored after playing around the board for some time. Therefore, make sure wooden puzzles for preschoolers you’ve picked is providing fun to the kids. There are various ways this can be achieved. You may have a sound system or LED lighting system in place.


The quality of the board and that of content is critical while buying wooden puzzles for preschoolers. Invest in the best quality wood material for durability and value for money. Best quality content will significantly enhance your kid’s academic performance in future.

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