Benefits of Wooden Peg Puzzles Over Puzzle Apps

Benefits of Wooden Peg Puzzles Over Puzzle Apps

With the evolution of modern technology, the growth of smartphones and tablets have drastically increased. The tech allows the incorporation of different types of puzzles in forms of apps. Here, the children can learn to play the puzzles using various form of devices. This causes the watering down of traditional classic wooden pegs puzzles. People see the puzzle apps as a convenient alternative due to the ease of access. Besides, they want to move with the modernity brought by technology. However, there numerous advantages of wooden peg puzzles for toddlers over the puzzle apps. Some of them include:

Interesting shapes

Although the puzzle apps also have exciting shapes and colors, the wooden peg puzzles allow touching and feeling. They are real shapes compared to the virtual shapes on the computer. Wooden pegs puzzles are extremely versatile in the design compared to most of the available options. The toddlers can actively interact with the puzzles in a fun way. Unlike in the apps where they only touch the screen, wooden puzzles enable physical moving of the puzzle pieces.

Developing eye-hand coordination

Picking up and fitting wooden peg puzzles for toddlers helps to develop eye-hand coordination. This cannot be achieved through puzzle apps. The reason is that the movement of hands and eyes while using puzzle apps becomes limited to a small screen.

Fine motor skills

The development of small and precise movements ranks among the essential skills of a toddler. They often involved the use of hands to perform certain simple skills. Wooden peg puzzles for toddlers improve these skills through handling the puzzle pieces. The child can actively handle the parts and stack them in their respective slots. These strengthen the hand’s muscles and enable the development of skills such as better handwriting and typing. Puzzles apps limit this ability as the hands of the toddler never strain to handle the pieces. They only slide easily using the fingers hence a dormant activity.


Although the puzzle apps may be easier and cheap to purchase, the device on which they exist makes them expensive. You need to have a tablet or a smartphone to install the apps. Besides, these devices need great care in handling which is a skill not common with toddlers. Furthermore, there are other additional requirements such as battery charge. Wooden peg puzzlers for toddlers, on the other hand, are cheap to maintain and not fragile to handle.

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