The Correlation Between Age and Wooden Peg Puzzles

The Correlation Between Age and Wooden Peg Puzzles

The correlation between age and the choice of the wooden peg puzzles is an important factor that every parent should understand. Over the years, this is a topic that has been discussed, and still, it has been exhausted entirely. But one thing that has remained constant in all find is that there is a huge connection between the two. The age factor has been used as the major reference in designing and manufacturing most of the puzzles in the market. What are the aspects that age affect the design of wooden peg puzzles? There are a couple of ways. Check out the following:

The size of the board

The size of the board is one of the major features that are designed with the age of the kid in mind. It has been proven that the measurement of the board (width and horizontal) can significantly affect the ability of the kid to do the puzzles. Note that the age of the kid and the size of their body parts including the arms is an important factor in designing. The most important thing is that the kid is reaching all corners of the board with ease. Therefore, the age of the kid is crucial in determining the right size of wooden peg puzzle.

Number of Pieces

The number of pieces is one of the biggest reasons why the age of the child is critical when it comes to buying wooden peg puzzles. Note that the number of pieces is an important factor to consider if you want you kid to perform well in doing puzzles. However, you must be guided by the age of the kid while selecting the puzzle based on the number of pieces. Even for the designers and manufacturers the kid puzzles, the guided by the age of kids. Without the factor of age, then it will be difficult to produce what the market needs.

Gross Weight

The gross weight of wooden peg puzzles is another factor that is closely related to the age of the kid. At a particular age, the child can only carry a certain weight comfortably. In an ideal situation, the board should not be too heavy for the kid to carry or mover around. To get it right in terms of the gross weight, the manufacturer must have a targeted age group. Therefore, the weight factor is an important thing when it comes to determining the weight of the board.

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